PySoy, a month after

A bit more than a month of SoC work has passed now, PySoy is alive and getting better day after day, and since some days you can even get a taste of it!
After the release of the GPLv3 our SVN repository has been opened to the public, read more on Arc’s blog.

Textured Pyramid

About the point of view of my application the project is proceeding well and we can show you a textured pyramid at last (as usual I have to thank Arc for the huge help 😉 )! 🙂

I’ve left my normal mapping experiments behind for a moment (after having discovered how to create correct object space normal maps in Blender with the “six colored lights” hack 😀 ), and I’m now working on the lighting system which will represent the base for every non trivial texturing technique.

Much more is yet to come, stay tuned!

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