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My blog is back, at last!
I was starting to lose the hope for a data rescue and beginning from scratch (as a matter of fact I wrote the Photon post before this one), but, fortunately, it was not the case…

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Our server has been down since the 31st of July for a stupid fan problem, the Mars site/wiki/bug tracker and my little blog have followed it. 🙁
On that server, in my mailbox, I used to collect blog backups… yes, I’ve been so stupid to weekly archive database backups on the same machine running the DBMS… 🙂
But now, thanks to Dekki, our great 3d artist and sysadmin, we have all the data back on a replacement server!

But, as you have probably noticed, the blog is now hosted on Netsons, a reliable and feature rich free hosting solution, which is also the home of my new Encelo’s Projectz site, now running on Drupal.

Today I’ve been busy with xml imports/exports, ftp uploads and tons of manual phpmyadmin updates, but it has been worth the effort.
I have installed the latest WordPress from scratch (welcome integrated tagging! ;)), updated all the plugins, imported the access statistics and made a and a Ohloh widget.

The blog is back and it is here to stay! 😉

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