Composing renders in a strip

First of all happy new year to everyone, then let’s talk about this post topic… 🙂

During these days I was relaxing and practicing subdivision modeling, after a long time away from Blender I was back to the dream of creating a convincing human head model, but my programming side win the day. 😀
While I was studying in detail some face key parts topology from here, I noticed the PiP-like composed images attached to the first post…

Showing camera keyframes

Last night I was thinking of a way to automates the process and today it becomes reality in the form of a Blender Python script: it is capable of producing an image which is composed of multiple rendered frames, think of a daily comic strip and you understand the name ;).

The user can select which frames to render specifying a string similar to the following one: “1-3, 5, 7, 9-11“.
Moreover it is possible, of course, to choose the size of a single frame and the composed image table dimensions, i.e. how many rows and columns it should have.
Have a look to how well my topology study renders fit the script purpose. 😉

The resulting composed image

This second script is a bit more complex than my first one, making use of the Registry module to load and save options and the Draw.PupBlock() method to display a bigger GUI.

Of course it is released under the GNU GPL License and available online, download it from here.

4 thoughts on “Composing renders in a strip

  1. Hoxolotl

    We’ve been using version = “1.11 2009/03/20” of this script for rendering sprites for our game engine, it’s great 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hoxolotl

    when having to render sprite sheets with a running animation (8frames) under 16 different angles it’s very usefull.
    Getting one big .png in the end instead of 128 images that have to be stitched together, these kind of nifty scripts mean we can add more models (because we have more time to do something else).

  3. encelo Post author

    I’m very glad that you find it quite useful for your everyday work.
    Let me know if you need some kind of customization. 😉

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