Monthly Archives: August 2009

Summer summary

This post tries to address the recent lack of blog updates presenting a summary of remarkable dates occurred during this summer. 🙂

Summer Collage

  • 3rd June – I registered a Twitter account, you can read about me and gamedev at a faster pace.
  • 1st July – Me and M3xican announced the development of the independent game Evolution War and registered the Lowpoly Studios domain.
    Check also the related Twitter accounts: EvolutionWar and LowpolyStudios.
  • 22nd July – I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with higher marks and honours from the “Federico II” University of Naples, Italy. 😀
  • 3rd August – The Khronos group announces the release of OpenGL 3.2 specifications at SIGGRAPH 2009, at last it comes with different profiles support!
  • 10th August – I bought the “10 Top Indie Hits” on Steam: great games at a great price!