Arch Linux toon logo
Arch Linux logo rendered with toon shading.
Blender 2.36 on 17th February 2005
Mench at War 1
Two meches after a hard war.
Blender 2.33a, 7th June 2004
Mench at War 2
The same scene of the previous image but from another camera
Red Mench
The red mech in all its glory
YAFRay Mench
The same mech model rendered with YAFRay 0.0.6 on 17th April 2004

4 thoughts on “Graphics

  1. encelo Post author

    The logo is done in Blender and thus no SVG available, but I can render it in different sizes if you want. 🙂
    Send me a mail with the specifications.

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