Spring Updates

Just like I did the past summer, I’m writing this update post to summarize the latest goings-on. 😉
First of all the Episode One of the IndieVault Podcast (Italian) is online, and that is important because I will be one of the voice you are going to hear in every episode. 😉
One of its topic is the IndieVault Conference at Gamecon 2010, held on April the 30th at Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples.

I have participated as a Lowpoly Studios coder but my presentation (Italian) was equally covering my internship experience as well as the indie one.
You can find all the episodes (yes, there is an Episode Zero too ;)) on iTunes.

Going back for a moment to Lowpoly Studios I have got to point out the last M3xican post on our official developing blog (
A new graphic style…
) along with a new video (The Undergrounder: Level Editor BETA 4 + New graphic style).

Talking about new releases, I was going to forget that PacStats 0.1 is out!
Have also a look at its new Freshmeat, GnomeFiles and Softpedia pages.

Last but not least, while I still don’t have the time and the patience to make a complete source release, I have made the first step publishing a couple of videos from my internship activity at Raylight: the first one (YouTube | Vimeo) has been taken from the final demo, while the other (YouTube | Vimeo) is a simple yet nice test that I’m pleased to show.

5 thoughts on “Spring Updates

  1. encelo Post author

    Hi Davide, and thank you for the feedback.
    I’m aware of the poor font rendering on SlideShare but I don’t know how to fix it, nevertheless it seems like the problem affects only my presentations. 🙁
    Maybe SlideShare doesn’t like Latex-Beamer?
    What other slide sharing portal would you suggest?

  2. Davide Pasca

    What format did you upload in ?

    They suggest trying with PDF.. it didn’t work for the colors that are messed up in some of my images, but it may help you with your font..

  3. Davide Pasca

    Umm.. then I guess you could try to change the font.

    In the meantime I may have figured out my problem: could be because of some translucent PNGs I have.

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