Fourteen months after

Yeah, fourteen months have passed since my previous post, that’s a lot of time.
A time apparently spent doing nothing, if you just look at the activity here, but in fact I was quite busy in real life.

Exactly fourteen months ago I found a job in the game industry, as my LinkedIn profile can testify, and now working on video games is what I do every day. Having the job of your dreams brings satisfactions (like being on MobyGames, the IMDb of games 😉 ), but it also brings, as many other jobs, a constant lack of spare time.
If you want to have part of it back you have to focus and careful organize your time, something I’m beginning to understand and practice lately.
A proof of this is in one of my latest Google+ posts, which unfortunately is not public. 😛

Yeah, Google Plus. In fourteen months we have seen many things happen, like the birth of this new social network (for which I already have a profile), the release of Linux 3.0, a new major number kernel with no major features ;), but also my switch, after years spent on Gnome and NVIDIA, to KDE and AMD. 😮
Don’t worry, this applies only to my new netbook, which have also stolen the title of fastest OpenGL device at my disposal from my Optimus One Android smartphone. 😛
Photon is still alive and kicking of course, but it is not in the city where I work, so they are now my developing machines: the first allows me to even test GL4/D3D11 features, while the other is used for mobile programming.

Last, but not least, the site have been revamped and now everything is handled by WordPress.
This is far more easy and effective than having a separate Drupal site with the hassle of maintaining it but without exploiting any of its powerful CMS capabilities.
Now I have got to go, see you in another fourteen months. Just kidding. 😛

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