Monthly Archives: November 2007

Hail to the Photon

On Thursday I assembled Photon, my brand new workstation, the day after I received also the surround speakers set and the fantastic wide monitor.

For the detailed configuration you can have a look at the page written for this purpose. 🙂


The specifications are not extraordinary (except for the monitor, maybe, which is a bit larger than usual, but you all know that the display area of a monitor is never enough 😉 ), Photon was built with the aim to be cheap but effective, no bells and whistles, but a solid and balanced platform.
Moreover, buying from the entry level segment avoid the situation when you wake up a morning and discover that your hardware is worth 25% less than the previous day…

With Photon I have the possibility to be part of the next-gen gaming era, to exploit multi-threaded programming with a real performance gain, to explore the Shader Model 4 and OpenAL benefits… and to run a heavy Compiz Fusion configuration at 1680×1050! 😉