System: Linux, Windows
Language: Python
Libraries: PyGTK, SQLite
Version: 0.2
Date: 1 Mar 2006
Download: tar.gz
State: Completed

TurnGen is a household chores turn generator, its purpose was to decide who were going to cook or wash dishes. It could have been perfect when I was a student living with other guys, but at the end it has never been adopted. 🙂
It’s a simple PyGTK frontend to an SQLite database which stores users and activities name and actions based on who was present at the time that particular action was performed.
As you can look below, for the fact that it was developed using Python, SQlite, GTK, Glade and gettext it can run perfectly on different platforms. 😉

TurnGen on Windows

TurnGen on Windows (in Italian).

TurnGen on GNU/Linux

TurnGen on GNU/Linux (in English).

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