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A long presentation…

The professor of the computer graphics course at my university was continuosly annoyed by my protests and comments during her lectures..

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t stand some claims like: “Phong shading is never used in interactive applications because of it being computationally too heavy”… 🙂
Fortunately she gave me the opportunity to give everyone a small technological update. 😀
After about a month, my presentation was born.
Made entirely with LaTeX Beamer, VIM, Dia and GIMP, it deals about what modern GPU are capable of, showing some GPGPU applications, along with traditional ones (videogames 😀 ), and some shader examples together with commented code.

I discussed it yesterday in a couple of hours, I was all shook up at first but then I advanced smooth and plain. 😉
It is in Italian, of course, but I published it anyway: Le Moderne GPU.